Request for copy of Sacramental Record


Request copy of Baptism, Confirmation or Marriage certificate

From time to time, many people find it necessary to request a copy of a certificate of baptism, or a record of their confirmation or marriage in church. Most commonly, this will be in connection with a marriage, or a school application.

In order to comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act, all such requests need to be made in writing, and certificates can only be issued to those named on the record – for instance, the person who was baptised, or, in the case of someone under the age of 16, their parent or guardian.

Because requests need to be signed, and we need to retain a written record of all requests for access to our sacramental registers, we are unable to accept requests by phone or e-mail. 

However, you may a copy of the request form and post it or bring into the parish office 

Sacramental Request Form

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