The Adult Education Program is intended for the on-going religious education of parishioners.  Topics may include scriptural interpretation, current Church teachings, history, spirituality, social justice, theological and other topics of interest to parishioners. Suggestions for programs may be submitted to the Adult Education Committee member Vicki Bornstein 415-847-9440.  A schedule of planned events is posted at the entrance to the church and in the bulletin. 

Adult Education Committee:

    Fr. Jojo Puthussery             

               Fr. Jim Fredericks

Chair – Vicki Castiglioni-Bornstein– 415-847-9440

   Patti England

   Dennis McCarthy

   Chuck Whatford

   Marion Williams                                    

Synod Presentation by Fr. Jim Fredericks on October 7, 2023. Click link below: 

/home/stleos/NIGHT%20WILL%20BE%20NO%20MORE.pdf NIGHT WILL BE NO MORE.pdf     

/home/stleos/Bishop%20McElroy%20-%20Us%20church%20is%20%20%20%20adrift%20synodality%20can%20renew%20it.pdf Bishop McElroy - Us church is adrift synodality can renew it.pdf     

I/home/stleos/In%20Praise%20of%20Politics.pdfn Praise of Politics.pdf  

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